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Camp General Simeon A Ola, Legazpi City – Police Regional Office 5 distributed a total of 20 generator sets to various PPOs, CPSs and MPSs during the Monday Flag Raising Ceremony last November 3, 2014. The turn-over was headed by PRO 5 Regional Director PCSUPT VICTOR PELOTA DEONA, together with PCSUPT ARNOLD LADEA ALBIS, DRDA and PSSUPT HERIBERTO OBIAS OLITOQUIT, RCDS.

Albay PPO, Sorsogon PPO and Legazpi CPS each received a 16 KVA generator set while 17 5 KVA units were given to the police stations in Bacacay, Camalig, Daraga, Guinobatan, Jovellar, Libon, Ligao City, Malilipot, Malinao, Manito, Oas, Pioduran, Polangui, Rapu-Rapu, Sto. Domingo, Tabaco City and Tiwi.

The Deputy Regional Chaplain, PCINSP ALFREDO MACUA, performed the blessing of the units followed by a short talk by the Regional Director reminding the recipients to take care of the units to prolong serviceability.

The turn-over is part of the continuing efforts of the Philippine National Police to spruce up its services and overcome the hindrance and unnecessary delays in police work and operations caused by the perennial power outages in the region.


Camp Gen Simeon A Ola, Legazpi City – PRO5, through the implementation of Command Memorandum Circular (CMC) No. 2014-02 Policy on Operational Performance Output of Field Commanders (“Target Output Policy”), has gained tremendous ground in the fight against crime in the Bicol Region.

Spurred by the initial gains of the PNP P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030 with the Chief, PNP’s Strategic Focus, “CODE-P: 2013 and Beyond” in Police Regional Office 5 (PRO5), this Command Memorandum Circular (CMC) was conceptualized to become one of the salient tools of PRO5 in its continuing journey towards the institutionalization of the Performance Governance System (PGS). It aims to attain this by giving direction and focus to the Field Commanders in the performance of their mandated tasks particularly in law enforcement, crime prevention, and crime solution by setting specific target outputs and timelines for accomplishment. It likewise aims to gauge the performance of the Field Commanders, the results of which shall be used as bases for their Individual Performance Evaluation Rating (IPER); conferment of awards; grant of rewards; placement; and/or relief from their present positions.

Through this “brainchild” of the Regional Director, PCSUPT VICTOR P. DEONA, the Crime Solution Efficiency (CSE) in Bicol or the percentage of filed cases in court (wherein at least one of the suspects is arrested) out of the total number of crime incidents handled by law enforcement agencies for a given period of time, jumped from 29.54% in January-September last year to 36.77% for the same period this year. This accounts for a notable increase of 7.23%. This is also 2.23% more than the commitment of the PNP to increase the CSE by 5% by the year 2015.

Also noteworthy is the upward spike in the Crime Clearance Efficiency (CCE- these are the cases filed in court but the suspect/s is/are not yet arrested) in Bicol or the percentage of cleared cases out of the total number of crime incidents handled by law enforcement agencies for a given period of time. The CCE increased by 12.59% from 51.58 % in January-September 2013 to 64.17% for the same period this year. This is already 7.59% more than the commitment of the PNP to increase the CCE by 5% by the year 2015.

The positive numbers did not stop with the CSE and CCE.

These also spilled over to Street Crimes (i.e. ROBBERY- Tutok Kalawit, Ipit Kotse, Estribo, Bukas Kotse, Snatching (bag, purse, jewelry, cellphone); THEFT- Laglag Barya, Salisi, Pickpocketing, Detaching parts and accessories of motor vehicle; SWINDLING/ ESTAFA-   Budol-Budol, Vending of Fake Commodities; PHYSICAL INJURY-   Gang Wars, Frat Wars, and   Mugging/Bullying), which were reduced by 44.42% from 3, 566 in January-September 2013 to 1,982 for the same period this year. This indicates that PRO5 is on track to achieving its target of reducing Street Crimes by 50% in the year 2015.

All these numbers and the positive responses from the PRO5 Regional Advisory Council, the community, the media, and other stakeholders in the Bicol Region are living proof that PRO5 is on track to attaining its own CY 2015 Commitment of “becoming the change that we want to see in the PNP”.


Camp General Simeon A Ola, Legazpi City – Police Regional Office 5 gave recognition to the winners of the 1st PCSUPT VICTOR PELOTA DEONA CUP Level 1, PPSA-Sanctioned Match All PNP Glock Challenge 2014 during the Monday Flag Raising Ceremony last November 3, 2014. The Cup was held from October 17 to 18, 2014 at the PRO 5 Firing Range with PNP personnel of the various units and offices in the Bicol Region participating. The following are the winners in the different categories

Command Group and Directorial Staff Category




1st Runner-Up


2nd Runner-Up



Aggregate Category



1st Runner-Up

SPO3 Lawrence Felices, Maritime Group (Masbate)

2nd Runner-Up

PO3 Reynante Rico, RLRDD

3rd Runner-Up

SPO2 Allan Dimaiwat, RLRDD

4th Runner-Up

SPO1 Simeon Indico, Cam Norte PPO

5th Runner-Up

PO2 Allan Tenso, Cam Norte PPO

6th Runner-Up

PO3 Israel Caoile, 5th RPSB

Lady Shooter PNCO Category


PO1 Pearlie Tagros, 5th RPSB

1st Runner-Up

PO2 Jen Galang, Cam Sur PPO

2nd Runner-Up

PO1 Cecilia Carranceja, Cam Norte PPO

Lady Shooter PCO Category



1st Runner-Up


2nd Runner-Up


COP Category



1st Runner-Up


2nd Runner-Up


Company Commander Category



1st Runner-Up


2nd Runner-Up


Provincial Director Category



1st Runner-Up


2nd Runner-Up


Team Category



SPO2 Allan Dimaiwat

PO3 Reynante Rico

PO3 Rosalie Abajero

PO2 Ian James Maravilla

1st Runner-Up


SPO1 Simeon Indico

PO2 Ferdinand Bacerdo

PO1 Cecilia Carranceja

2nd Runner-Up




PO3 Israel Caoile

PO1 Pearlie Tagros




The event aims to foster unity and cooperation among the different units under Police Regional Office 5 while honing the skills and capabilities of personnel in gun handling and marksmanship.


Camp General A Simeon A Ola, Legazpi City – Five members of San Andres PNP, Catanduanes PPO receives an award during the Monday Flag Raising Ceremony held on October 27, 2014 at the Multi-purpose Building,Camp General Simeon A Ola, Legazpi City.

PCSUPT ARNOLD LADEA ALBIS, Deputy Regional Director for Administration, Police Regional Office 5 together with the other members of the Command Group awarded PNP Merit Medal to PINSP RICHELLE MAROLLANO BALUTE’ PO# Donald Sumalde Alfaro, PO3 mark Tanay Orasa, PO1 Oscar Ortega Esquirda and PO1 Melvin Burac Vibal in recognition of their distinct accomplishment as Team Leader and members of San Andres Municipal Police Station, Catanduanes PPO, in the implementation of Search Warrant No. 2014-22 at about 4:00 PM of September 24, 2014 in Brgy. San Roque, San Andres, Catanduanes that resulted to the arrest of Edsel N. Vargas and the confiscation of 0.837 gram of Methamphetamine Hydrochloride commonly known as “shabu” and several drug paraphernalia. The suspect was subjected to Inquest Proceedings at the Provincial Prosecution Office, Virac, Catanduanes for Violation of Section 11 and 12, Article 2 of RA 9165 ( Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Act of 2002) docketed under NPS NR-V-II-INQ-141-00088. Their sterling performance immensely contributed in the campaign of the PNP against illegal drugs in line with LOI “Kontra Droga-Bravo,”. Such laudable and conspicuous acts of courage as police officers is worthy of emulation by their peers in the PNP Organization.


The entire nation will be observing the All Saints’ and All Soul’s Day on November 1-2, 2014, the Police Regional Office 5 already mapped out security plan to ensure zero casualties in all cemeteries/memorial parks within AOR.

As a standard operating procedure, the entire Police Regional Office 5 will be placed on full alert status in observance of All Saints’ and all Souls’ Day to provide maximum coverage and public safety services, to include assistance along highway and major thoroughfares, traffic management, and security assistance to cemeteries and other places of engagement.

The City and Municipal Police Station were also directed to establish Police Assistance Desks/hubs in public cemeteries and memorial garden to assists the public on their concerns and to ensure the peaceful observance of the events.

Likewise, we would like to remind all commuters to travel early to avoid heavy traffic and to maintain their composure when travelling. Also, they are advised to ensure the security of their homes in order to preempt the occurrence of crimes such as robberies, thefts, etc.

The PNP will also coordinate with the Barangay Officials and the force multipliers to help the police in ensuring the security of houses and establishments during the occasion.

Furthermore, the public’s cooperation is very vital in preventing crime especially during these special events. Thus, the PNP encourages the public to be vigilant and to provide the police with relevant and timely information and report any unscrupulous activities existing in their respective AOR.


Camp General Simeon A Ola, Legazpi City - The 1st PCSUPT VICTOR P DEONA Shootfest Competition was held at the newly constructed PRO5 Firing Range last October 17-18, 2014.

The 1ST PCSUPT VICTOR P DEONA CUP level 1, Philippine Practical Shooting Association (PPSA) Sanctioned Match was graced by the Chief, PNP, PDG ALLAN LA MADRID PURISIMA who happens to be the Guest of Honor during the Inauguration and Blessing of the Newly Constructed PRO5 Firing Range on October 17, 2014.

The winners in the Command Group and Directorial Staff Category: Champion – PSSUPT MARLON C TEJADA, C, RIDMD; 1st Runner-up – PSSUPT ROMULO A ESTEBAN, DRDO; and 2ND Runner-up – PSSUPT LITO B PITALLANO, C, RLRDD.

in the AGGREGATE CATEGORY: Champion – PSUPT ELCID ROLDAN – Naga CPO; 1st – SPO3 Lawrence Felices – Maritime Group (Masbate); 2nd – PO3 Reynante Rico – RLRDD; 3rd – SPO2 Allan Dimaiwat – RLRDD; 4th – SPO1 Simeon Indico – Cam Norte PPO; 5th – PO2 Allan Tenso – Cam Norte PPO; and 6th – PO3 israel Caoile - 5RPSB

LADY SHOOTER PNCO CATEGORY: Champion – PO1 Pearle Tagros – 5RPSB; 1st Runner-up – PO2 Jen Galang – Cam Sur PPO; and 2nd Runner-up PO1 Cecilia Carranceja – Cam Norte PPO.


COP CATEGORY: Champion – PSINSP RONALDO PASCUA – Masbate PPO; 1st – PSINSP DENNIS BALLA – Albay PPO (Tiwi); and 2nd Runner-up – PSINSP LUKE VENTURA – Albay PPO (Bacacay)


PROVINCIAL DIRECTOR CATEGORY: Champion – PSSUPT MOISES PAGADUAN – Cam Norte PPO; 1st – PSSUPT MARLO MENESES – Albay PPO; and 2nd – PSSUPT PRIMO GOLINGAY – Cam Sur PPO. While in the TEAM CATEGORY: Champion – R4 under PCINSP ALFREDO MACUA; SPO2 Allan Dimaiwat; PO3 Reynante Rico; PO3 Rosalie Abajero; and PO2 Ian James Maravilla; 1st Runner-up – Camarines Norte PPO under PCINSP SAMSON BELMONTE; SPO1 Simeon Indico; PO2 Ferdinand Bacerdo; and PO1 Cecilia Carranceja; and 2nd Runner-up – RPSB under PSUPT ROGELIO BERAQUIT; PINSP EFREN DELA CRUZ; PINSP KARLO DY; PO3 Israel Caoile; and PO1 Pearlie Tagros.

This 1st Regional Director’s Cup aims to promote the PRO5 5-Bay Firing Range which envisioned to upgrade and enhance the competence of all PRO5 personnel in marksmanship skill, increase level of firearms proficiency and to foster goodwill and strengthen camaraderie among personnel. All gun enthusiasts is welcome to PRO5 Firing Range, the first and only firing range in the PNP nationwide that was made possible through the efforts and initiatives of PCSUPT VICTOR P. DEONA, PRO5 Regional Director.


C,PNP, PDG ALLAN LA MADRID PURISIMA visits Bicol for the inauguration and blessing of the newly constructed PRO5 Firing Range. The repair and renovation of the PRO5 Firing Range from a 2-bay to 5-bay Firing Range envisioned to upgrade and enhance the competence of all PRO5 personnel in marksmanship skill. The PRO5 firing range is open to all gun enthusiasts.The C,PNP also turned-over 1,022 units of Glock pistol and SWAT equipment. Likewise, he extended a hand to the people of Albay by giving of relief goods which was personally received by the Regional Director of DSWD, Dir. Arnel Garcia.

altCamp General Simeon A Ola, Legazpi City – RD, PRO5 PCSUPT VICTOR PELOTA DEONA gives recognition to the PRO5 Basketball Team headed by SPO4 MARCOS B. BEA, PRO5 RESPO during the Monday Flag Raising Ceremony on October 20, 2014.

A PNP Efficiency Medal was awarded to the team composed of PINSP VOLTAIRE JUN JARABEJO PEDIDO; SPO4 Marcos Blanquiso Bea; SPO2 Federico Del Ayre Padilla Jr.; PO3 Santiago Almayda Arienda II; PO3 Jolan Paz Cadag; PO2 Raul Buen Especial; PO2 Alvin Balabis Balderama; PO2 John Omar Baldo Condes- Team Coach; PO1 Amson Madrid Abaño; PO1 Melvin Baliuag Berdul; PO1 Rhajan Nacor Palmero and PO1 Ian Quiñones Gamboa for being the CHAMPION in the basketball competition during the Civil Service Commission Inter-Agency Sportsfest held last September 1-29, 2014 at Lagman Gymnasium, DPWH District Office, Airport Site, Legazpi City participated by different government agencies. Their sense of competitiveness in skilled sports had undoubtedly contributed in propagating PRO5’s program on sports development and healthy lifestyle. Such notable achievement is worthy of emulation by their peers in the Philippine National Police organization.

A PNP Commendation Medal was also given to PINSP DEXTER DELOS REYES PANGANIBAN for being ranked Number 2 with an overall rating of 95.94% in a class of forty-seven (47) students in the Investigation Officers Basic Course (IOBC) Class No. 21-14 conducted by the Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management at the National Headquarters, Philippine National Police, Camp Crame, Quezon City covering the period from Juy 17 to September 26, 2014 inclusive. Imbued with intellectual capability and sheer determination to excel, he was able to hurdle the course with distinction.


Camp General Simeon A. Ola, Legazpi City—The Chief of the Philippine National Police, Police Director General, ALAN LA MADRID PURISIMA visits the Police Regional Office 5 on October 17, 2014 to personally turn-over relief goods to RD, DSWD intended for Mayon Evacuees and PNP Equipment intended for PRO5.

The C, PNP was welcomed by the Regional Director, PCSUPT VICTOR PELOTA DEONA together with his staffs and the personnel of PRO5. After the turn-over of relief goods intended for Mayon evacuees, it was followed immediately by the turn-over of 1,022 Glock Pistol Firearms, 500 units of Motorolla hand held radios and SWAT equipment - 10 pcs. Kevlar helmets; 10 sets black fatigue uniforms;10 sets tactical gloves; 6 pair urban boots; 10 sets pistol belts; 10 sets magazine pouch; 10 sets of bandoliers; 10 sets ballistic plate IV and 1 piece ballistic shield to RD, PRO5. The firearms, handheld radios and SWAT equipment will be used to efficiently facilitate the PRO5 Anti-criminality Campaign. Finally, the Blessing and Inauguration of the newly-constructed PRO5 Firing Range with the Chief PNP as the Guest of Honor and Speaker concluded.

Below is the C, PNP’s message:
PRO5 is the very first region out of sixteen (16) PROs nationwide who achieved 100% firearms issuance to all PNP personnel. Do you know why we choose PRO5? It is because the personnel of PRO5 are efficient. Savings from ISO Fund was use to procure the SWAT equipment, this only shows that your Regional Director is really concern for the welfare of the personnel of PRO5. This morning, I came here to see personally if the support that the organization is giving to the PRO5 is really realized. He also commended the PRO5 for its snappy performance for the past years.

For the past weeks, we are being under scrutiny of media, never mind that because that is my personal fight; let my lawyers take care of it. I want to encourage you to just do our job and I will give what you need here. In our performance governance system, everything point us one thing- our individual performance, every PNP personnel should know their job, you should not wait for their chief of office to tell them what to do. In CODE-P, which C stands for COMPETENCE, PNP personnel should know their role, though their job is just so simple still they can’t do it well because of their resistance to the new system.

As Chief of Police, everyday you should go from one barangay to another, to visit and personally know the real situation, you should not wait for scenarios to come up, every action should be proactive. As COP, you should haveyour own individual performance card not the operational dashboard of the police station. And COPs as they go around every barangay, they should be also getting the cooperation of the community to facilitate the partnership between the PNP and the community. When I was the C, NCRPO, we organized a team to audit every police station to check if they are really reporting the crime in their AOR.

When UCPER was introduced to the PNP the crime volume increased, it is because we are showing the real picture. I’ve heard that a lot of Chiefs of Police were relieved on their post because of the Target Output Policy, don’t be afraid because you are telling the truth, because we are going to put the right number of PNP personnel to that municipalities where you came from. Do you know why the organization did not opted to having best PD’s awarded, it because they are not the doing the job on the field, it is better for me hear that the COP’s are the one presenting their accomplishments to the media.

Personnel of PRO5, the bottom line here is that we should do our job. When I was in the NCRPO, we see to it there that we have an investigation team composed of 7 man team with two shifts to see to it that whenever a crime transpire they will be the one immediately responding because they will be in-charge of the investigation. In case approved, PNP will have only three directorates- administration, operation and investigation. Innovations are made like instead of spot report we have the text report. Continue helping us in improving the services of the Philippine National Police. Let us help in removing the scalawags in the PNP. Our main enemy is time. We need to stop it now before it is too late.


The newly promoted Chief of the Regional Comptroller Division, PSSUPT ANTONINO RAYMUNDO CIRUJALES  as the Monday Flag Raising Ceremony Resource Speaker talked about the philosophy of community policing system which was born in the whole Bicol region under the leadership of PCSUPT RICARDO F. DE LEON. PCSUPT DE LEON did not stop his work for the love of his profession and the Bicol region in particular, because he placed Bicol region in the pedestal during his term, wherein Police Regional Office 5 was adjudged and awarded as the Best Police Regional Office by the National Headquarters.

What started as a drive to live a legacy was immortalized and now has become a backbone that distinguishes PRO5 from other regions. The 18th Regional Director of the PRO5, a true Bicolano in the truest sense, as compared to previous Regional Directors who were a Bicolano as well, PCSUPT DEONA, on his day one of office, had just one thing in mind, to serve and to serve only using his best efforts and determination for his fellow Bicolanos. In barely six months from office as the Regional Director, he was the prime mover in the construction of the new Regional Police Human Resource and Doctrine Development or the RPHRDD, which was inaugurated by no less than the C, PNP, Police Director General ALLAN LA MADRID PURISIMA, who coincidentally became the 18th C,PNP since the creation of the Philippine National Police in 1991.

The construction and rehabilitation of the top quality standard, five (5) KASUROG COPS Firing Range which will be inaugurated again on October 17, 2014 by no less than the C, PNP PDG ALLAN LA MADRID PURISIMA. And now the ongoing repair and construction of the ground floor of the main administrative building which will house R4 and R6 as their new offices respectively. Again 18 years after, a sophisticated and high standard technically equipped offices will be felt and seen before the year ends. The construction and rehabilitation of the R4 and R6 as well as the Firing Range has no identified source of fund. The only source of fund comes from the purest intention of bringing in concrete achievements out of nothing.

Much is still needed to be done. Likely any police officer, we can be called anytime to serve a different office, city, province, region or even at the National Headquarters. When that time comes, will you be able to hold your head up while you exit the gates of this regional headquarters or will you on your retirement day just simply fade away with no significant contribution to our beloved institution, the Philippine National Police? The answer is in the actions you do and the choices you make now. If there is one word I want everyone to remember today, it’s the word LEGACY, that stands for Leadership; Excellence; God; Accountability; Competence and Y questions we should always ask ourselves: So what? For what? Now what?


PSI CONNIE S DE LEON, OIC of Virac MPS receiving the new Glock 17 Gen 4 Firearms, UHF Motorolla handheld radios and patrol shoes in the presence of Municipal Mayor of Virac Hon. Flerida A. Alberto, Provincial Governor Hon. Araceli B. Wong, PDDG FELIPE L ROJAS JR, DCA, PCSUPT VICTOR P DEONA RD, PRO5 and PSSUPT ADELIO BENJAMIN G CASTILLO, OIC on August 4, 2014.at Camp Francisco Camacho, Virac, Catanduanes during the PNP supplies Issuances Ceremony and Command Conference.

alt The PRO5 Basketball Team headed by SPO4 Marcos B. Bea, RESPO, PRO5 as team supervisor joined the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Government Employees Inter – Agency Sportsfest 2014 which started last September 1, 2014 and ended on September 29, 2014 held at Lagman Gymnasium, DPWH Albay, Airport Site, Legazpi City. The said event is in connection with the 114th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary with the theme: Tapat na Serbisyo Alay ko, Dahil Lingkod Bayani Ako”. The Police Regional Office 5 (PRO5) Basketball Team and the Table Tennis (Women-Single Category) players successfully retained their “Championship Title” for both events. The PRO5 Basketball Team is 6 times Champion in the said Sportsfest from 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

The winning of PRO5 in the two (2) events of the Sportsfest has undoubtedly contributed in the implementation of the police community relations programs and activities through sports. It also solidifies and strengthens camaraderie, as well as preserves harmonious relationship with the other government line agencies.


IN ALBAY : A joint kick-off ceremony of the 114th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary and 20th National Crime Prevention Week celebration held at Peñaranda Park, Old Albay District, Legazpi City on September 1, 2014.


Let's promote a healthy life style and to counter the danger & ill effects of drug abuse, join us!


PNP Personnel of this station (WCPD/FJGAD/PCR Section) distributed flyers regarding RA 9262, RA 7610, RA 9344 in connection with the celebration of Crime Prevention Week.



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