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Tuesday, 20 December 2016 18:04

12 Fishermen Detained for Fishing Illegally

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On Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 12:30 AM at the seawaters of Brgy. Guincaiptan, Mandaon, Masbate,with the distance of more or less 13.86 kilometers from the shoreline of the said place, a concerned citizen reported to Mandaon MPS that there was a fishing vessel anchored at the aforesaid place believed to be engaged in illegal fishing activity.

PNP personnel of Mandaon MPS led by PO3 Angelico B Andazo proceeded at the reported place that resulted in the interception of one (1) fishing vessel and the apprehension of its crews namely:
a. Salvador Obiodos, 45, married, boat owner and a resident of Balud, Masbate;
b. Edwin Julia y Desales, 43, married, boat captain, resident of Estancia, Ilo-ilo;
c. Rico Bangis y Militar, 43, married, fisherman, of Estancia, Ilo-ilo;
d. Ryan Buayan y Agdon, 28, married, fisherman, resident of Carles, Ilo-ilo;
e. Ricky Beliones y Aretanio, 43, single, fisherman, of Carles, Ilo-ilo;
f. Rizal Dela Cruz y Atate, 45, married, resident of Calumpang Balud, Masbate;
g. Jenny Apwis y Sangutan, 36, married, fisherman, resident of Estancia, Ilo-ilo;
h. Regie Gabrino, 30, single, fisherman, resident of Estancia Ilo-ilo;
i. Ernesto Tidoso y Jeltendes, 46, married, resident of Estancia Ilo-ilo;
j. Reby Vebanges y Bunog, 22, married, a resident of Carles Ilo-ilo; and
k. Raul Buhayan y Daes, 41 years old, married and a resident of Carles, Ilo-ilo
for the Violation of RA 8550
Likewise the operatives were able to intercepts and confiscated the following items:
1.) One (1) unit of Fishing vessel (F/B KIM) with active gear;
2.) Fine mesh net;
3.) Tom weight with tubs of catch fishes locally known as Lagaw, Matambaka, Buraw, Salmunete and Bilongbilong placed inside the storage room; and other fishing paraphernalia.

Suspects were detained at the Custodial Facility of Mandaon MPS and the recovered pieces of evidences were also brought at Mandaon MPS for proper disposition. An appropriate case is now being prepared by Mandaon MPS for filing before the Masbate City Prosecutor’s Office in due time.

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