PNP : Beware Of Budol-Budol Gang

A septuagenarian and a retired Admin Officer IV of DEPED, was being victimized by the three members of the Budol-Budol Gang that transpired along Vinzons Avenue, Barangay V, Daet, Camarines Norte at around 9:30 AM, Friday, February 10, 2017.

Investigation conducted by Daet MPS disclosed that the victim identified as Amelita Lee y Zabala, 70 y/o, married, a resident of Fairview Subdivision, Brgy. Magang, Daet, Camarines Norte while she was walking heading towards Allaga Optical Clinic, the first (1st) unidentified female suspect approached the victim and told her “kilala kita”, the victim replied, “pano mo ako nakilala”? The suspect replied, “dati akong teacher kaya kilala kita”.

While they were having a conversation, the second (2nd) unidentified female suspect approached them and asked the victim, “I am looking for the office of The Minds Work”, the victim answered, the office was along that way. Again, the 2nd unidentified female suspect asked her again, “where the Minds Work is? ‘coz I had an order and I need them now”.

At this juncture, while they are having a conversation, same suspect asked the victim, “do you want to join me in my business”? The victim replied, “I’m not a business minded”. Again, she was encouraged by said suspect to withdraw her money at Land Bank located along Vinzons Avenue, Brgy V, of said municipality. Without any hesitation, she withdrew Php31,000.00 at the said bank.

Afterwards, the victim and the unidentified female suspects boarded on a color black van, driven by unidentified driver. While they were on the vehicle, the 2nd unidentified suspect asked the victim again, “do you have other money”? The victim replied that she has another bank account at DBP.

Again, the victim was encouraged by the said suspect to invest her money in the latter’s business. The victim and the suspects proceeded at DBP, located along Rizal St, Brgy III, Daet,Camarines Norte and withdrew the victim’s money amounting to Php192,000.00 and placed it in her bag.

While on their way at Daet Elementary School to fetch the victim’s granddaughter, the 2nd unidentified female suspect asked the victim, “may I leave this envelope in your bag, ’coz I will pick up a friend at the central plaza” then placed it on the victim’s bag.

Afterwards, the victim alighted from the van to fetch her
granddaughter and the unidentified suspects fled heading towards downtown Daet. The victim told her son what happened and they proceeded at CIDG, Daet, Camarines Norte and reported the incident.

While at the said office, her son opened her bag and discovered that her money and cellphone were already missing, while the envelope was containing a bundle of pad paper, then she realized that she was swindled by the above-mentioned suspects.

Daet MPS is continuously conducting follow-up investigation for possible identification of the suspects and immediate solution of the instant case.

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