Jobless who trades Illegal Drug Arrested

On July 12, 2017, 8:45 P.M., Wednesday, at No. 39-6 Fraternidad Street, Barangay Tabuco, Naga City, Mr. Elcid Arroyo y Dino, 33 years old, married, jobless, a resident of said place was arrested during the drug operation by the PNP. . The joint personnel of RPDEU5, led by PSINSP LOUIE C. ORDONEZ JR.,City Drug Enforcement Unit (CDEU) led by PI MARK JOEL G GAMBOA and Police Station 2 Drug Enforcement Unit (PS2DEU) led by PSINSP RANDY N RICAFRENTE, Officer-In-Charge, conducted anti illegal drug operation through buy-bust that resulted to the arrest of the suspect . PO3 Limbo, who acted as the poseur buyer was able to purchased from the suspect one (1) piece heat sealed transparent plastic sachet containing white crystalline substance suspected as “Shabu”, in the amount of P500.00, using One (1) piece genuine Five Hundred Peso Bill, with serial number AR528654. Upon apprehension, the operatives were able to recovered and confiscated from his possession and control of the following items: a. One (1) piece Five Hundred Peso Bill, with serial number. AR528654, the buy bust money placed at the right side lower pocket of his worn short; b. One (1) piece heat sealed transparent plastic sachet containing white crystalline substance suspected as “Shabu”; and c. Five (5) pieces One-peso coin, from the right front pocket of his worn short. Inventory, markings and photographs were conducted at the place of incident in the presence of the suspects and mandatory witnesses namely: Mr. Tex Agor, Media Representative; Brgy. Kgwd. Susana D Pabia, Elected Official of Barangay Tabuco Naga City; and Mr. Rogelio L Temporal Jr., DOJ Representative. Suspect was apprised of his Constitutional Rights and presently under the custody of NCPO custodial facility for proper disposition. Seized items were brought to Provincial Crime Laboratory Office, for Laboratory Examination. A case for violation of RA 9165 is being readied for filing at the City Prosecutors Office, Naga City.

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