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At about 8 o’clock in the morning of February 6, 2017 at Brgy Lungib, Pilar Sorsogon, joint elements of Pilar MPS led by PCI RUEL MORATO PEDRO, ACOP and Regional Public Safety Batallion (RPSB) conducted police operation against wanted person that resulted to the arrest of EDGARDO LOCABA Y REBOSURA, 38 years old, with live in partner, farmer and a resident of the same place by virtue of warrant of arrest for violation of Direct Assault upon an agent of a person in authority with bail recommended of twelve thousand pesos (12,000.00).
Subject person was appraised of his rights with the dialect known to him and brought to said station for proper disposition.

At about 8:45 AM, February 6, 2017 at Brgy Central, Magallanes Sorsogon,the joint elements of Magallanes MPS and SPPSC arrested MICHAEL ANDES Y DREO, 25 years old, single, tricycle driver and a resident of Brgy Bacalon, Magallanes Sorsogon by virtue of warrant of arrest for qualified theft with bail recommended fixed at twenty four thousand pesos (24, 000.00) for his temporary liberty.

Subject arrested person was duly informed of the constitutional rights in the dialect known to and understood by him (Bicol) and was brought to said station for proper disposition prior presentation to the issuing court.

At about 8:40 AM of February 6, 2017, one (1) Section of Alpha Coy 31st IB under 2LT NIKO C PENDEJITO (INF) PA while conducting combat operation at the vicinity of Sitio Kabungahan, Trece Martirez, Casiguran, Sorsogon encountered MOL fifteen (15) CNN. Firefight lasted for about ten (10) minutes, after which enemy withdrew towards south direction.

In the Government side, there was no recorded of killed however two (2) enlisted personnel were wounded during encounter namely CPL Jerome T Tu and PFC Mart Maximo M Osanida while it is undetermined on the enemy side.

All adjacent PNP units conducted checkpoint/chokepoint operations for the possible apprehension of the fleeing CNN members.

Wednesday, 08 February 2017 17:33

Violator of RA 10591 Arrested by PNP

Suspect, Ronald Espiritu Jr y Jalimao, 28 years old, single, farmer, and a resident of Purok 3, Brgy. San Pedro, Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte was arrested inside the Armandos Restobar, Soriano St., Brgy Kalamunding, Labo, Camarines Norte by the PNP Labo MPS for illegal possession of firearm last February 5, 2017 at around 9:50 PM.

Personnel of Labo MPS led by PO3 Fernando Torres arrested the suspect while in possession of one (1) caliber 38 with markings S and W 357 Magnum without serial number. Prior to that incident, the said suspect fired his firearm for unknown reason at the said place and was witnessed by the employee of the restobar.

Suspect was brought to Labo MPS and now preparing criminal complaint against the suspect for violation of RA 10591.

Wednesday, 08 February 2017 17:32

Report on Arrested Wanted Person

Saturday Accused, Mr.CESAR DARAY RUIZ, 61 years old, single, resident of Victor Lee Compound, Brgy. Pangpang., Sorsogon City was arrested by the PNP through warrant of arrest last February 4, 2017 at around 11:45 AM.

The joint elements of Sorsogon CPS led by SPO1 Orlando Dondonilla Jr., warrant/subpoena PNCO, CIDT, SORPPO-PIB and 5RPSB under the supervision of PCINSP ROSALITO D GAPAN, OIC, Sorsogon CPS, arrested the accused by virtue of warrant of arrests issued by Hon. Bernardo B Jimenez, Jr., Presiding Judge of RTC Br 51, Fifth Judicial Region, Sorsogon City for Violation of Sec. 5 (a) in relation to Sec.6 (a) of RA 9262, docketed under Criminal Case number 2015-9553C, with bail recommended fixed to Eighty Thousand Pesos (Php80,000.00) pesos.

Upon arrest said person was duly informed of his constitutional rights in the dialect understood by him (Bicol) and undergone booking and documentation.

Wednesday, 08 February 2017 17:31

Report on Arrested Wanted Person Accused for Rape

On February 4, 2017, 10:15 AM, Saturday, at Purok 1, Sitio Bacolod, Brgy. San Antonio Santicon, Malilipot, Albay, accused Virgilio Burce y Bora aka “Vergel Burce”, 36 years old, married, and a resident of aforesaid place was apprehended through warrant of arrest by the PNP.

On said date, time and place, personnel of Malilipot MPS led by PSINSP RANDY R BACHILLER, OIC, arrested the accused by virtue of Warrant of Arrest issued by Hon. Judge Alben C. Rabe, Presiding Judge of RTC Br. 16, Tabaco City for Rape Through Sexual Intercourse docketed under Criminal Cases No. T-6791 with no bail recommended and Rape By Sexual Assault docketed under Criminal Case Nos. T- 6790 and T-6792 with recommended bail fixed at Php180,000.00 each.

Accused was placed under the custody of said police station where his fingerprints and mugshots were taken for proper disposition.

Friday, 03 February 2017 19:57

“KASUROG Komiks-making Contest”

The following will be the mechanics, criteria, timeline, and other parameters for the contest:

1) Mechanics

a) The “KASUROG Komiks-making Contest”(“contest” for brevity)
has two categories, namely:

• PNP Personnel Category (Bicol-based)- PNP personnel from PRO5 and its support units; and
• Members of the Community Category (Bicol-based)- AFP, Other Law Enforcement Agencies, Media, and Other Members of the Community

b) Participants will be invited through “Facebook” and through invitation letters.
c) Participants in each cateogry will submit to RPCRD two entries--one colored (showcasing operational accomplishments) and one “black and white” (highlighting police-community relations accomplishments),containing a minimum of four frames drawn on one standard-sized (23” x 28.5”) “cartolina” per entry. Their entries will center on the theme, “KASUROG KONTRA DROGA- Bicol Region Against Drugs” and depict the exploits of fictional characters such as “Super KASUROG”, “SPO1 Albayano”, “PO1 KASUROG”, “SPO1 Mario Buenavista (word etymology: “Mario” means “warring” in Spanish and “Buenavista” means “good view” in Spanish) a.k.a “AngBikolano”, other fictional characters that the artist may come up with, and the members of the Bicolano community in their war against illegal drugs. Their entries should be able to relay a complete story in a minimum of four frames.
d) Each of the six PPOs, Naga CPO, and the 5th RPSB will submit only the required entries (one colored and one “black and white”).
e) The entries will be displayed inside the PRO5 Multipurpose Building (MPB) from February 1 to 3, 2017. Photos of the entries will also be uploaded into the PRO5 website and PRO5 “Facebook” account to determine, which of them would be adjudged as the “KASUROG Komiks Strip with the Most Likes”.
f) All entries shall be perused and rated by the Board of Judges composed of RD, PRO5 as the Chairperson; RD, PDEA RO5; RD, NAPOLCOM RO5; RD, DILG RO5; a member of the RACPTD, preferably from the academe; and a Bicol-based artist or expert in making comics, as members.
g) The criteria for judging the entries and the allotted points for each criteria are the following:

Relevance to the theme - 25 points
Art Quality - 25 points
Originality - 25 points
Story(Appeal to Human Interest, Grammar, and Flow of the Story) - 25 points
Total : 100 points

h) All interested participants must submit their entries to RPCRD NLT January 31, 2017 (Monday).
i) The members of the Board of Judges will rate the entries on February 6, 2017 (Monday) and the tabulators, composed of RITO and RID personnel, will get the rating sheets signed by the Board of Judges and compute the scores to determine the winning entries. The tabulators will add the scores given by a judge to a participant’s colored and “black and white” entries and then divide the total by two. The same procedure will be followed in computing the scores given by the other judges to the same participant’s entries. Afterwards, the computed scores will again be added and then, be divided by six (the number of judges who rated or scored the entries). The quotient will become the participant’s FINAL SCORE or FINAL RATING. This will be repeated until the final scores or final ratings of the other participants have been determined. Their FINAL RATINGS/SCORES will be ranked from highest to lowest to get the Top 10 participants from which the Top 3 participants will be declared as prize winners in each category.
j) The tabulators will affix their names and signatures on the results and transmit it to RPCRD, the Command Group, and RD, PRO5 for their information.
k) Winners will be awarded during the Monday Flag Ceremony in the PRO5 Grandstand, Camp Gen. Simeon A. Ola, Legazpi City or, in case of inclement weather, inside the PRO5 MPB, on February 13, 2017.
l) In their contest application form, the participants will sign a waiver of any Intellectual Property Right on their entries. All winning and non-winning entries will become properties of PRO5 and will be used for its police-community relations activities and other undertakings.
m) First prize winners in each category will be invited to be part of the creative team that will make the “KASUROG Komiks” quarterly publication to be launched in February 2017 and the “KASUROG Komiks” monthly online content to be posted afterwards on “Facebook” and “YouTube” in the same month.
n) The second and third prize winners will also be considered to comprise the creative team in case the first prize winners will not be available to work on the “KASUROG Komiks” due to reasons beyond their control. Other artists may also be tapped to go onboard to finish the project, if necessary.

2) Prizes at Stake in Each Category

PNP Personnel (Bicol-based)
a) First Prize - Php10,000 plus Plaque of Merit
b) Second Prize - Php7,000 plus framed Certificate of Commendation
c) Third Prize - Php5,000 plus framed Certificate of Commendation

Members of the Community Category (Bicol-based)
a) First Prize - Php10,000 plus Plaque of Merit
b) Second Prize - Php7,000 plus framed Certificate of Commendation
c) Third Prize - Php5,000 plus framed Certificate of Commendation

Other Prizes
a) Consolation Prize - Php1,000 each plus Certificates of Participation for the rest of the Top 10 entries in each category
b) Special Prize - Php2,000 plus a Certificate for the “KASUROG Komiks Strip with the Most Likes” on Facebook in each category
c) All the other participants - Certificates of Participation

Publication of the “KASUROG Komiks”
There will be two versions of the “KASUROG Komiks”—the colored and
the “black and white” editions, hardcopies of which will be published every quarter of the year. The “KASUROG Komiks” will contain stories and illustrations drawn on A4-sized paper. The colored edition will contain stories depicting operational accomplishments of the KASUROG COPS while the “black and white” edition will focus on their police-community partnership endeavors and other activities.

The “black and white” edition will also serve as a learning aid for children because it can be used as a “coloring comics”. The tentative launching and distribution of the first two issues of the “KASUROG Komiks” will be in March 2017.

In the same month, voice-dubbed and subtitled digital copies of these two issues will also be uploaded into the official PRO5 “Facebook” account and website as well as into “YouTube”. This will also be done to succeeding issues every month to widen the audience reach of the “KASUROG Komiks”.

Friday, 03 February 2017 19:50

Campaign against Wanted Person, Two Arrested

Albay PPO intensified its operational thrust against wanted persons following the arrest of two suspects for the crime of Malversation of Public Funds and Violation of Section 5 (i) of RA 9262 in a separate operations.
On January 31, 2017 (Tuesday), at about 9:00 PM, at Brgy. Paulog, Ligao City, joint personnel of Ligao CPS composed of PO3 Michael Angelo Natuel and PO2 Rolando Quinto; and CIDT-Albay, arrested Arnulfo Grebialde y Samson, 57 years old, married, and a resident of aforesaid place, by virtue of WOA issued by Hon. Maria Theresa G. San Juan-Loquillano, Presiding Judge, RTC Branch 9, Legazpi City for Malversation of Public Funds docketed under CC# 11115 with recommended bail fixed at Php60,000.00.

Successively, at about 10:00 AM of February 1, 2017 (Wednesday), at P-5, Brgy. Bonga, Legazpi City, elements of Legazpi CPS composed of SPO2 MaralitoWatiwat, PO2 Victor Esquevil, PO2 Archie Marco, and Maria LourdezNocedo, arrested Glen Paterno y Boras, 28 years old, single, and a resident of aforesaid place, by virtue of WOA issued by Hon. Pedro R. Soriao, Acting Presiding Judge, RTC Branch 8, Legazpi City for Violation of Section 5 (i) of RA 9262 docketed under CC No. FC-16-2209 with recommended bail fixed at Php24,000.00.

Subject arrested persons were placed under the custody of aforesaid police station where their fingerprints and mugshots were taken for proper disposition.

Friday, 03 February 2017 19:47

Labo Police Arrest Suspect for Murder

Combined personnel of Labo Municipal Police Station (MPS), San Vicente MPS, Camarines Norte Criminal Investigation and Detection Team, and Regional Intelligence Division arrested Ronnie Ruibral y Lagumen, 54, married, farmer and resident of Purok 6, Barangay Mabilo, Labo, Camarines Norte on February 2, 2017 at about 4 AM at Barangay San Jose, Rodrigues, Rizal.

Ruibral was apprehended by virtue of warrant of arrestissued by Hon Roberto A. Escaro, Presiding Judge Regional Trial Court Branch 64 of Labo, Camarines Norte for Murder issued on December 15, 2015 docketed under Criminal Case no. 15-2726 with nobail recommended.

Arrested person is now under the custody of said MPS for proper disposition.

Friday, 03 February 2017 19:46

No.10 Daet Municipal Wanted Person Cuffed

At Purok 4, Brgy Pamorangon, Daet, Camarines Norte, 8:30 AM,Thursday,February 2, 2017, the elements of Daet PNP implemented the warrant of arrest to Rico Delos Reyes y Malangyaon, 19 years old, single,a pedicab driver and resident of Purok 9, Brgy Alawihao, Daet, Camarines Norte.

Operatives from Daet MPS led by SPO1 Arnold S Labarro arrested the accused by virtue of Warrant of Arrest, for Attempted Murder in relation to R.A. 7610 issued by Hon Judge Evan D. Dizon of Regional Trial Court, Branch 40 of Daet, Camarines Norte docketed under Criminal Case No. 17921, dated January 19, 2017 with recommended bail of Php120,000.00.

Arrested person is rank Number Ten (10) in the list of Top Ten Municipal Most Wanted Person of Daet MPS.

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