The Philippine National Police (PNP), Police Regional Office 5, through its Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) invites contractors registered with and classified by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to bid for the Procurement of various goods of the following:

Nr Particulars ABC ITB NR Bidding Documents Fee
1 Procurement of Lubricants – Gasoline 5,518,568.01 ITB NO GOODS-2021-015 10,000.00
2 Procurement of Lubricants – Diesel 4,796,288.04 ITB NO GOODS-2021-016 5,000.00
3 Procurement of Office Supplies 3,315,112.46 ITB NO GOODS-2021-017 5,000.00
4 Procurement of Training Supplies 2,944,300.00 ITB NO GOODS-2021-018 5,000.00
5 Procurement of Office Supplies 4,166,000.00 ITB NO GOODS-2021-08 5,000.00
6 Procurement of Food Supplies 1,666,000.00 ITB NO GOODS-2021-09 5,000.00
7 Procurement of Other Supplies and Materials 2,373,700.00 ITB NO GOODS-2021-010 5,000.00

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