The Philippine National Police, Police Regional Office 5, Bids and Awards Committee (PRO5 BAC) is inviting all interested and illegible suppliers, dealers, manufacturers to participate in the pre-bid conference on December 9, 2021 at 2:00 PM for the following items as enumerated:

Nr Particulars ABC ITB NR Source of Fund
1 Procurement of Lubricants-Gasoline Php 5,610,100.37 ITB NO PB-2021-12-01G GAA FY 2022
2 Procurement of Lubricants-Diesel Php 4,790,182.74 ITB NO PB-2021-12-02G GAA FY 2022
3 Procurement of Office Supplies Php 3,011,479.87 ITB NO PB-2021-12-03G GAA FY 2022
4 Procurement of Food Supplies Php 4,403,677.03 ITB NO PB-2021-12-04G GAA FY 2022
5 Procurement of Other Supplies and Materials Php 4,822,991.92 ITB NO PB-2021-12-05G GAA FY 2022
6 Procurement of Office Supplies Php 2,685,000.00 ITB NO PB-2021-12-06G GAA FY 2022
7 Procurement of Other Supplies and Materials Php 2,100,000.00 ITB NO PB-2021-12-07G GAA FY 2022

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