Motor Vehicle Safety

PREVENTIVE TIPS FOR THE MOTOR VEHICLES (MV) OWNERS Always lock all car windows and doors before leaving your car in the parking area.  Always park your car in lighted areas during nighttime.  Park your motor vehicle in secured places. Check the area where you parked against suspicious looking people. Avoid displaying valuables inside your car continue reading : Motor Vehicle Safety

Firearms Safety

The three basic general rules of safe gun handling. Never load a firearm until you are ready to shoot. Always point the gun muzzle in a safe direction; never point a firearm at anyone or anything you don’t want to shoot. Keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you are continue reading : Firearms Safety

Fire Safety Tips

1.NEVER place a portable heater near curtains, upholstered furniture, or other flammable materials.2. NEVER store flammable items such as wood, paper, chemicals, or oily and dirty rags near heat sources.3. ALWAYS practice and plan a safe fire escape route with the members of your household.4. Test your smoke detectors regularly. Replace batteries as needed.5. If continue reading : Fire Safety Tips

Bomb Prevention Tips

ALWAYS BE CONSTANTLY PREPARED! There is no excuse for not taking every step necessary to meet a bomb threat. BOMB. A device capable of producing damage to material and injury or death to people when detonated or ignited. Bombs are classified as explosive which causes damage by fragmentation, heat and blast wave; and incendiary which generates continue reading : Bomb Prevention Tips

Crime Prevention Tips

1. Get to know your neighbors and all those residing in your street. They will be your partners in watching the activities in your block. 2. Organize a Street Watch composed of neighbors as members. Be concerned and cooperate in watching activities on the block and reporting unusual or suspicious behavior to the police and continue reading : Crime Prevention Tips