117th Police Service Anniversary

PRO5 recorded 54 victims/injured of Firecrackers

The Police Regional Office 5 has recorded a total of Fifty-Four (54) victims/injured from using firecrackers such as Piccolo, kwitis, five star,lusis, tiny tong and improvised lantaka from December 16, 2017 to January 2, 2018 (as of 8:00 AM).

ALBAY recorded 17 victims/injured who were brought to the different hospitals such as:

RHU Lying-in Center – 2 (Jhoren Refugio Seva; and Sherwin Napili Herrera)

BRTTH – 2 (Ryan Matociños y Miranda; and Erwin John Esplana y Bañares)

Josefina Belmonte Duran Memorial District Hospital – 12 (Jaspher Opeña y Cabadato; James Narda y Salalima; Niño Luis Macapia y Baloloy; Jessa Ollet y Tidoy; Ezaul Balubar y Callos; John Angelo Viterbo Placios; Charles Quilatan Payapag; Cedrick Callope Robledo; Justin Robert Brizuela Cantal; Leo Altabera Merojaga; Jan Renalyn Rolda Briola; and John Michael Dela Torre)

Ziga Memorial District Hospital – 1 (Gian Cellan y Bilda)

Naga City-4

Naga City Hospital -2 (Christian Vejerano y San Juaquin; John Lloyd Corsini y Ubaldo) and
BMC-2 Others (BMC did not give the name of the victim)


Rural Health Unit – 1 (Ron Rey Sabordo)
Goa Municipal Infirmary - 1 (Joan Carlos Puerta)
Libmanan District Hospital – 1 (Rodolfo Mijorado Villanueva)
Dr. Bascuña Clinic – 1 (John Eric Daduya)
BMC- 2 (Angeline Ordis y Raṅa and Jerome Albis)
Partido District Hospital – 1 (Donovan Botalon Radores)
Ocampo District Hospital – 2 (Rey Bongulto Babelonia; and Jomer Prestado Albaño)
Sipocot District Hospital – 7 (Michael Agar; Billy Joel Balingbing; James Naval; James Palabis; Jonel Sabaybay; Cielo Canaria; and Kyle Almazar )

Camarines Norte District Hospital – 3 (Joven Benitez y Aquino; Jhana Victoria Amaro y Echano; and John Mark Magana y Abanto)
Jose Panganiban Primary Hospital - 7 (John Gabriel Tumale y Sobreo; Junjun Bitago; Jerome Tumale; Ace Arandallo; Jhay R Gacuray; Jefferson Anthony Aragona; and Grandyl Dela Torre)
Barrios Hospital – 1 (Benjie Corbito y Ferrer)
Labo District Hospital – 6 (Jocell Miranda; Bryan James Nollas; Marlon Barena; Joyce Esperas; Vincent Joseph de Leon; and Christian Rigon)


Types of Firecrackers that Cause Injury
Albay- Piccolo, kwitis
Camarines Norte – Five Star, Piccolo, Lusis
Cam Sur-Piccolo, Tiny Tong and Improvised Lantaka
Naga City-Piccolo

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