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Monday, 12 October 2020 13:27

Virtual Training on the Retooled Community Support Program-CWAO Featured

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Police Regional Office 5 headed by PBGEN BART R BUSTAMANTE, Regional Director, through the Regional Community Affairs and Development Division (RCADD) formally opens the 4-day Virtual Training via Zoom on the Retooled Community Support Program’s Counter-White Area Operations.

The RCSP is part of the programs of the government which aims to address the identified issues from community by closing the governance and development gaps, providing the community their needs, and ensuring that development is sustained and peace is promoted by using the “Whole-of-Nation Approach” as indicated under Executive Order 70 duly signed by President Duterte.

Highlight of the activity is the lecture given by RD BUSTAMANTE pertaining to the heart of policing using the police community relations strategy of the PNP that enjoin the community and various sectors in the attainment of a safer and more peaceful community to live, work and do business.

The training is participated by personnel from RMFB5, PPOs/CPO-PHQ, PMFC of Six PPOs, CMFC of NCPO and Legazpi CPS which is set to run until October 15, 2020.

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