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Wednesday, 14 October 2020 15:31


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Camp BGen Simeon A Ola, Legazpi City--- A total of 43 PNP personnel of Police Regional Office 5 are finally set to return to their residence and nearest localities as benefactors of localization of assignment program of the Chief, PNP.

Of the number, 11 personnel will be reassigned in PRO1; 2 in PRO2; 6 in PRO4A; 4 in PRO4B; 3 in PRO6; 5 in PRO7; 7 in PRO8; 2 in PRO10; 1 in NCR; 1 in PROCOR; and 1 in PRO13.

Held today, October 14, 2020, is the simultaneous send-off ceremony which was attended by PBGEN BARTOLOME R BUSTAMANTE, Regional Director, the Command Group, Directorial Staff and other personnel via distance telecommunication.

The Localization of Assignment program of the PNP is based on Section 63 of Republic Act 8551 or the Philippine National Police Reform and Reorganization Act of 1998 wherein the law indicates that PNP members with the ranks of Patrolman/woman up to Police Executive Master Sergeant will be “assigned to the city and municipality of their recruitment and/or place of residence or if not possible, to the closest municipality, province or regions to his residence.”

This program aims to attain maximum efficiency in the course of performing their law enforcement duties thus, in one way or another also giving priority to the morale and welfare of the personnel with the end goal of reinforcing family solidarity.

Further, some of the advantage of this move is the familiarization of personnel with the people, the culture, terrain, and other conditions prevailing threat thus, providing them the sense of ownership of the locality that they are representing. Indeed, if personnel are well aware of its surroundings he/she will be able to perform its functions meritoriously.

“Let us not distinguish whether you are a patrolman or general, what is important is [that] we all serve our people with whatever capacity we have. Wherever you are assigned you have the task to perform,to serve and to protect our people.” RD Bustamante said in his message.

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